Today I went shopping in Brussels. It was the first time I actually went to visit the city of Brussels and I hate to admit this, but Brussels might be almost as awesome as Antwerp. My friend and I mostly went to secondhand stores because we can find all the big stores (such as h&m, Zara, River Island etc.) also in Antwerp. Personally I find shopping in secondhand stores extremely hard, so I was very happy with the two jackets I I found.

The first shop where I found something was Episode near the Grote Markt. A few years ago there was an Episode in Antwerp as well. , but for some reason they had to move. And I’m not exaggerating when I say their move was one of the saddest moments in the Antwerpian secondhand store-history. You can imagine how happy I was when I finally could shop in Episode again. After a long search I found a black oversized bomber jacket with a jewellery print. I absolutely adore it, although the quality is not that great.
Episode is an awesome store with a lot of beautiful vintage clothes of a good quality (except my bomber jacket haha) for a nice price.

The bomber jacket I bought (€25)

Another secondhand store (Melting Pot Kilo) we found when we were walking through the Hoogstraat. A funny thing about the store is that they charged the clothes by their weight (€15/kilo). I didn’t have to search long when I saw a nice red blazer for in the summer. I immediately liked it, probably because the sun was shining and I was really feeling the summervibes.
I think Melting Pot Kilo is absolutely amazing because they sell so much cool vintage clothes for such a cheap price.

The red blazer I bought (€7,20)

Today I learned that Brussels is a lot more than the city with the most disappointing monument in the world. Brussels is a beautiful city with a lot of nice historical buildings, plenty of shops with gorgeous, original clothes and a lovely park to have a picnic near the Werstraat. You definitely should bring Brussels a visit!

Violetstraat 28
1000 Brussels

Melting Pot Kilo
Hoogstraat 178
1000 Brussels


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